How To Use Meladerm Cream?

Do you have dark spots, acne, discoloration, blemishes and hyper pigmentation on your face or body? Are you desperately looking for an effective skin lightening cream?

If you answered YES to the above questions, this will be the most important page you’ll ever read.

I know how you feel. I know how embarrassing and challenging it is to battle with discoloration and blemishes… For you to know that I’ve also had my own fair skin challenges, let me share my story with you.

I used to be a woman who was never for once satisfied or being lucky finding the right skin lightening cream.

I used to struggle and battle with blemishes and dark spots.

Ever before I discovered the ultimate secret to getting rid of dark spots, the idea of having a spot free skin was crazy to me

I couldn’t help to figure it’d become a reality. And believe me, I tried all I could to beat it.

I bought different skin lightening creams and drugs—but none worked for me

I spent all I had to find a skin solution that worked until I came across Meladerm skin lightening cream.

Sorry, I think I have to stop here before I fill this page with my old story. (I’ll conclude this story, later).

Now back to the main subject of this post: how do you use Meladerm cream?

Simple. All you have to do is to take heed to the following instructions

How Should Meladerm Be Applied?

If you are wondering how to use meladerm cream, please follow these precautions before using it.

  • First and foremost, wash your skin before applying the cream as this will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the product
  • Rub the cream into your skin until it’s completely absorbed


Only use Moisturizers, makeup, or sun block after the skin product has been successfully applied on the skin

Please note this: avoid washing the skin immediately after using Meladerm cream.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Meladerm Cream

Does Meladerm Cream Contain Harmful Substances Like Mercury Or Steriods?

Meladerm cream does not contain dangerous substances like hydroquinone or steroids. The ingredients in Melarderm are filtered and sterilized for optimum safety.

Should Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Be Applied Precisely On The Affected Or General Areas?

Well, it should be applied in the general areas of the affected skin. It’s not compulsory that you must apply it on the affected areas or precisely on the discolorations

Can Meladerm Reduce the Appearance of Sun Damage or Liver spots?

Definitely. It works well on all types of hyper-pigmented areas on the skin or body.

Is Meladerm Suitable For Both Men And Women?

Yes, it’s suitable for both men and woman. It can also be used by children above the age of 12; but ensure you consult your dermatologist before use to avoid any complication.

Can It Be Used By Nursing Mothers?

If you’re a nursing mother, don’t use Meladerm; until when nursing has concluded. Don’t use it without your dermatologist consent. Please, acknowledge this.


If you’ve always desired a dark spot free skin like that of Beyonce, then I’d advise you get Meladerm cream.

It’s never too late to put a stop to those blemishes…

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